New 600-ton Servo Punch Press

minsterER Wagner will have a new 600-ton Servo Punch Press available for production in late 2017, greatly increasing ER Wagner’s metal stamping capabilities.

The Nidec Minster Corporation machine, which will be a part of ER Wagner’s new 157,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and state of the art manufacturing facility currently under construction in the Village of Menomonee Falls, WI., is latest technology in metal stamping, giving the company the ability to stamp bigger parts made of thicker metal – including high-strength metals – with complex geometries and tighter tolerances faster and more efficiently.

Other benefits include improved part quality through programmable forming speed, and lower part costs due to increased production rates of 30%-40% versus mechanical presses and 10%-20% versus other servo presses and value added tapping, insertion and welding.

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