Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicle Hinges and Latches

The great outdoors makes for one great playground filled with mud, dirt, water, snow and asphalt. Your customers’ next great adventure is just around the corner, that’s why our solutions center on performance and durability.

Why just open a saddlebag when you can make it move? How your product feels when your customer puts it to use is important. No one expects their snowmobile hood latch to not work. Or their motorcycle trunks and saddlebags to not open. Or their motorhome cabinet doors to bind up. It’s their playtime, and it’s our job to make sure these parts in your products work.

Throughout our storied history, we’ve amassed an impressive array of off-the-shelf components. Or with a little tooling, you can have a custom engineered solution. Whether you’re designing ATVs, jet skis, or boats, we make it easy with our top-of-the-line recreational vehicle hinges and latches.

Delivered in Action

ER Wagner has worked with a popular recreational vehicle company for over 20 years, providing a wide variety of hinges, tubular parts and stampings. This customer has relied on our strong engineering and solutions-based approach to help solve many product-related issues over the years. Our ability to design and deliver prototypes has led to many product improvements. ER Wagner's role as a key design partner that consistently delivers best value products contributes to this long term relationship.

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