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Automotive Hinges, Tubes and Spacers for Passenger Vehicles & Light Trucks

Passenger cars and trucks are made to move, yet their chassis, engines and drivetrains aren’t the only parts driving performance. Zero to sixty is one measure. Whether the glove box or console opens is another. It may not seem important now, but the moment one doesn’t open, suddenly, it can become a huge problem for the owner.

With more than a century of engineering and manufacturing parts for the automotive and trucking industries, we know performance matters most when it’s needed most — every automotive hinge, tube, spacer in your vehicle matters. Ours won’t let you down.

Automotive Industry Success Snippets

Learn how ER Wagner has helped car and truck manufacturers around the world improve their vehicles.

Maximizing Space

A major automotive OEM came to ER Wagner looking for a new hinge design that would open the center console real estate to accommodate the wire harness and air duct for climate control in the rear passenger compartment. One of the numerous challenges was the hinge had to carry a higher load rating with only a fraction of the typical space for the pivot mechanism. ER Wagner engineers developed a new center-less hinge pin design that not only opened up the necessary real estate for these additional features, but also exceeded all the desired performance characteristics.

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Updating Luxury

ER Wagner engineers were asked to take over and correct an underperforming luxury vehicle center console hinge. Through engineering modeling of various design changes and analyzing the FEA outputs, ER Wagner was able to modify existing components simplifying the hinge and reducing the cost. The result was an improved ergonomic feel making the consumer feel the luxury every time they opened the console.

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