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The first rule in practicing medicine is to do no harm. The same is true of our approach to supplying specialty domestic hinges and casters to medical equipment and device makers. We understand the role our products play in assisting yours — to the betterment of healthcare services and patient care. We’re NSF certified, and are even on the NSF Standards Committee, helping to improve requirements year after year.

Our products exceed all expectations for ease of roll, shock absorption and sound requirements in healthcare settings. For instance, we make the quietest rolling casters in the industry and by doing so they exceed OSHA requirements. We don’t need to tell you how medical staff and patients appreciate this, but it’s one example of the lengths we go to for our customers.

From quiet IV stand and medical cart casters to durable cabinet door and hospital bed hinges, our team of design engineers set the standard for off-the-shelf and custom engineered solutions. Not to mention our production hygiene standards are polished as well.

It’s not brain surgery, but we like to think what we do and how our USA made hinges and casters perform makes a difference all the same.

Innovative Design Wins Customer Approval

Becoming intimately involved in the design, development and testing cycle with our customers is something that ER Wagner engineers are used to. They were asked to create a low profile, inconspicuous and robust hinge system with a solid tether, and that's exactly what they delivered.

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