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You’ve thought about everything when designing your watercraft: comfort, style and power. But have you really thought about everything? Sometimes the smallest thing can ruin your customer’s day out on the water – like a livewell hinge binding up or a hatch that won’t stay shut.

That’s where ER Wagner comes in.

Our Seaware line of superior corrosion-resistant marine hinges for yachts, boats, pontoons, jet skis and more are designed to do one thing: work every time. These heavy duty marine hinges, available in stainless steel and aluminum are:

  • Tough, durable and rugged
  • Built with countersunk holes for heavy duty fastening strength
  • Electro-polished to a high luster
  • Passivated for greater corrosion resistance
  • Available in a number of stock sizes, with custom solutions available

Your customers all have one one thing in common: Nobody wants to buy watercraft only to have the parts break down. With quality marine parts from ER Wagner, you won’t have to worry about that.

Delivered in Action

ER Wagner has worked with a popular recreational vehicle company for over 20 years, providing a wide variety of hinges, tubular parts and stampings. This customer has relied on our strong engineering and solutions-based approach to help solve many product-related issues over the years. Our ability to design and deliver prototypes has led to many product improvements. ER Wagner's role as a key design partner who consistently delivers best value products contributes to this long term relationship.

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