Marine Hinges & Hardware

Corrosion Resistant Marine Hinges, Latches & Hardware

Out on the water there’s no room for error. When it comes to designing marine parts for your watercraft – we live by the same code.

Seaware marine hinges and latches by ER Wagner are engineered to be the best – tough, durable and corrosion resistant with an electro-polished high luster finish.

These superior marine hardware products – perfect for livewells, cabinets, seats, bunks, consoles, doors, compartments and more – are designed to do one thing: work every time and look good doing it.

At ER Wagner we control movement – on land and sea.

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Enhance Your Watercraft with Seaware

Our rust-proof marine hardware is ideal for yachts, boats, pontoons, jet skis and other marine vessels. All materials used for Seaware boat hinges are passivated for greater corrosion resistance and strength.

Made for Marine

Custom and stock solutions for livewells, cabinets, seat and bunk, boat cabin & console hinges.

Guaranteed Strength

All marine hinges and hardware are built with countersunk holes for heavy duty fastening strength.

Superior Finish

Electro-polished to a high luster and passivated for greater corrosion resistance.

Safety & Durability

Low maintenance and supremely durable hinges for the toughest marine applications.

Available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Custom Designed Watercraft Components

Our Seaware line features dozens of stock sizes of butt and continuous hinges – but we don’t stop there. Our in-house engineers are available to help you quickly create custom products of any size to fit your needs.

Ready to learn how Seaware marine hinges and hardware can improve your watercraft? Let's talk.

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