Machined & Wrapped Tubes

Machined & Wrapped Tubes

In the ’80s, tubular was slang for “awesome” or “excellent.” At ER Wagner we use the phrase to describe our awesome, excellent precision-machined and wrapped tubes.

The tubes we make are much more than just cut sections of DOM tubing. Our tubes are engineered to fit precisely and meet the performance criteria of your specific application. Need a perfectly round, precise part with chamfered and machined ends where parallelism and perpendicularity are important? We can make that.

If you need an oval, d-shaped, square or pretty much any other shaped tube with features such as holes, slots and notches, we can stamp it and wrap it at a fraction of the cost of custom DOM tubing.

There’s a science to making a precision tube, and we’ve got it mastered. We were making machined and wrapped tubes way before the ’80s, and we’ll be making them for decades to come. Try them out…we promise your experience will be “tubular.”

Delivering Safety on a Tight Deadline

When asked to create a better side-curtain airbag retainer, ER Wagner created one for the leading automotive airbag provider in just six months. This was instrumental in exceeding the project's stated goal by improving the vehicle's safety rating to the best possible in the market.

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