Industrial & Material Handling

Industrial Casters, Wheels, Hinges and Drum Dollies

People say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We ask: Why make a squeaky wheel?

Our industrial casters and hinges are designed to go unnoticed by the people who ultimately use them. If you don’t notice them, they’re working. When they don’t work, people notice. That’s why we engineer each of our products to withstand the test of time.

From our domestic casters and drum dollies, to work carts, industrial cabinet doors, storage and parts bins, racks and shelving units, if it moves – or is made to keep your customer’s work flowing – we’re on it.

We engineer our products to have unmatched lasting durability, then we add value with our high quality manufacturing facilities, short lead times and competitive prices – all backed by responsive service and support staff.

A Mile A Day

With an ER Wagner caster failure rate of zero, an on-time delivery performance of 99%, ER Wagner keeps Kennedy Manufacturing's industrial cabinets rolling. ER Wagner's casters and wheels are durable enough to withstand over 300 miles per year, even over floors that aren't always smooth.

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Best Value: Delivered

Perfect mix of Product, Quality, Delivery, Support, and Price

Global Reach

Supporting your engineering and manufacturing needs wherever you are in the world

Ready to learn what ER Wagner industrial casters, wheels, hinges and drum dollies can do for you? Let's talk.

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