Engineered Hinges

Custom Engineered and Complex Hinges

ER Wagner has thousands of hinges for standard and marine applications in stock and ready to ship, but what if you need a custom solution?


That’s where ER Wagner truly shines! As part of our commitment to controlling movement, our in-house engineers work with you to design and manufacture the perfect hinge for your product – whether it be formed, perforated, spring loaded, painted, countersunk, plated or a myriad of other operations.


We believe our hinges define the quality of your products. The way they look, feel, move, open, close, rise and rotate – movement and control are marks of a superior design. When you need a custom engineered or complex hinge, turn to ER Wagner. We won’t let you down.

Saving a Cool Quarter Million Bucks

ER Wagner engineers worked with a major commercial vehicle manufacturer to perform material studies that proved we could replace expensive, high-grade stainless steel with a more common, more affordable stainless – saving them more than a quarter million dollars annually, while providing virtually the exact level of quality and corrosion resistance.

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