Food Service

Food Service & Kitchen Hinges, Casters & Wheels

Stainless steel is good. A stainless reputation is even better. That’s why our work in the food service industry has customers coming back for more. Our engineered domestic hinges and casters keep food processing and preparation running smoothly.

From rolling food service carts, tables and shelving to cabinet enclosures and refrigeration hinges, our manufacturing capabilities satisfy the most stringent sanitation requirements, including NSF certified casters. Off-the-shelf or custom-engineered solutions, we cater to your every need.

Our extensive experience in inventory management also helps minimize costs on your end while maximizing the value of your products. Stocking agreements complement Kanban programs and enhance production. So we not only fulfill durability and sanitary demands with our products, we satisfy inventory and warehousing ones too.

Reducing Suppliers, Increasing Quantity

ER Wagner helped Henny Penny, a food service equipment company, both reduce their number of hinge suppliers and provide high quality hinges at a competitive price, increasing the value of their products.

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Best Value: Delivered

Perfect mix of Product, Quality, Delivery, Support, and Price

Global Reach

Supporting your engineering and manufacturing needs wherever you are in the world

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