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Agriculture and Construction Hinges, Assemblies and Tubes

When you’re in the business of making heavy-duty work vehicles and equipment, the last thing your customers want are components that fail and slow down productivity. Production schedules and operator effectiveness are on the line — if either suffers, bottom-lines suffer.

Yes, hinges, stamped assemblies, and machined and wrapped tubes make a difference.

In the grand scheme, they’re more than just individual parts. They’re part of an integrated masterpiece of engineering — and that is not an overstatement. Weight and durability are crucial considerations, as is product styling, ergonomics and creature comforts.

Need access to service your vehicle? If that door doesn’t open, is there another option? If a hinge doesn’t do its job, does the job get done today?

The way we see it, if our products don’t work neither do your workers. From loaders, cranes and dump trucks to tractors, combines and sprayers, our USA made hinges, stampings, and machined and wrapped tubes are built for extreme working conditions — as light and robust as you want, at the volume you demand.

Updating Old Tooling to Fit New Designs

When a customer purchased a new line of machines from another major manufacturer, some very old tooling was part of the deal. ER Wagner was charged with making the old tooling produce parts that met the original specifications. Tooling Engineers and Toolmakers collaborated to upgrade the stamping tools and refurbish the old equipment, helping the customers through a difficult transition. We're here to help you every step of the way.

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