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There’s a lot we can say about ER Wagner. We could talk about how we’ve been creating quality high-quality casters and wheels, hinges and stampings, and machined and wrapped tubes for more than 100 years, or our ability to create both off-the-shelf or custom engineered solutions for your products, or how we are ISO certified and have implemented lean manufacturing and six sigma practices. But at the end of the day here’s what matters:
Our components make your products better.

Our Core Values


At ER Wagner, proactive isn’t a buzzword it’s a way of life. We're constantly engineering solutions for issues manufacturers haven’t thought of yet.


We take great pride in not only the quality of our products, but the quality and value ER Wagner components add to your products.


Speed. Cost. Quality. While ER Wagner adheres to the disciplined APQP process, we found successful ways to compress the lead time to market launch.


ER Wagner sells 50 million parts annually, shipping to 200 customers in 16 countries around the world. So, our community spans the globe.


Your Career at ER Wagner Begins Here

Our team members do more than just show up for work every day to punch a time clock. They innovate, they create, they think outside the box. A career at ER Wagner means passionately dedicating yourself to going above and beyond – from customer service to engineering to manufacturing.

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Latest ER Wagner News

The latest news and headlines about ER Wagner capabilities, products and events.

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ER Wagner adds new lathe capacity

ER Wagner has added a new tool to its arsenal of machinery to manufacture custom, highly-engineered components for the transportation, […]

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