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Commercial Vehicle Hinges, Casters & Wheels

Commercial trucks aren’t built to sit idle. Yet their chassis, engines and drivetrains aren’t the only parts in them that drive performance. How many miles they get on the highway is one measure. Whether the glove box or console opens is another. Or the compartment doors on fire and rescue vehicles, especially after the pounding they take.

With more than a century of engineering and manufacturing parts for the automotive and trucking industries, we know performance matters most when it’s needed most — every domestic commercial vehicle hinge, motor housing, wrapped tube, spacer in your vehicle matters. Ours won’t let you down.

Saving a Cool
Quarter Million Bucks

ER Wagner engineers worked with a major commercial vehicle manufacturer to perform material studies that proved we could replace expensive, high-grade stainless steel with a more common, more affordable stainless – saving them more than a quarter million dollars annually, while providing the same level of quality and corrosion resistance.

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