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At our new state-of-the-art 157,000-square-foot manufacturing facility 15 miles outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we provide cost-effective solutions to some of the most complex issues facing the transportation industry. Each one of our engineered components is designed to enhance the control of movement, improve the user experience and add value to your vehicle.

Tell us what you need, and together we’ll make it work.

Creative Design Solutions

ER Wagner is your collaborative partner – helping you design the best products possible. Our design engineers are available to help you quickly create custom products of any size to fit your needs, with emphasis on creative design solutions, design optimization through FEA, enhancing product value and design for manufacturing.

Advanced Engineering Capabilities

At ER Wagner, we don’t just make parts, we engineer solutions that improve and add value to our customers’ products. With ER Wagner Parts on 65%-75% of all autos on U.S. roads, we have extensive experience designing products and even complete systems based on your exact needs through:

Quality Management & Testing

ER Wagner is committed to quality at every step of the manufacturing process. That’s why we have developed extensive design engineering, testing, measurement, quality management and certification practices to ensure you get a superior, long-lasting product that provides optimum performance at the best value.

Engineered Hinges

Two-leaf, three-leaf, four-bar, six-bar hinges and more are right in our wheelhouse. Spring rotational assist, friction hinge control, detents and other custom features can be engineered into both simple and complex hinge mechanisms.

Roll Feed Press Lines from 80 to


Press Bed Sizes from 21.6" to


Material Thickness .015" to


Coil Widths up to

  • Four Slide Forming
  • Bihler Forming
  • CNC Swiss Lathe
  • Double-disc grinding
  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Fully & Semi Automated Assembly
  • Hand Assembly
  • Robotic MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Resistance Welding
  • Orbit Forming
  • Riveting
  • Sheer Tube Cutting
  • CNC Tube Cutting
  • Wrapped Tubular Components
  • Tube End Finishing

Working with OEMs in over 16 countries in Europe, Asia, North America and South America

Machine and Wrapped Tubes

When you need precision tubes think ER Wagner. Machined & wrapped tubes can be made in almost any configuration – square, round, octagon, punched, notched, welded, you name it we can do it. As an added bonus – wrapped tubing is often more cost effective than traditional drawn-over-mandrel tube manufacturing.

Shear & Machine Cut Tubes

Tube cutting capabilities range from high-speed scrap-less to precision machined cut-offs. Machine cut tubes include ID/OD chamfering and turning on both ends and also facing with surface finishes less than Rz 10. End facing can include custom end profiles.

  • Parallelism 0.1mm
  • Perpendicularity 0.15mm
  • Flatness 0.1mm
  • Length tolerance +/- .05mm
  • Length range 10mm – 610mm
  • OD range 6mm – 82.5mm

Precision Wrapped Bushings

Roundness and strength are the keys to performance when it comes bushings used in NVH body mounts tubes for axles suspensions and engine cradles as well motor and solenoid housings. Virtually gap-less seams that can be butted, welded or interlocking to rigidity. Our bushings can be flanged, edge treated and chamfered.

  • 0.1mm roundness tolerance
  • Up to 152mm long
  • 102mm max OD
  • Up to 4mm wall thickness

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