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Nothing is worse than having your high-end cabinet, locker, tool box or enclosure ruined by a clunky hinge or a squeaky caster. Quality doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design. That's what ER Wagner provides.

With expertise in movement and appearance, we know that the right hinge or caster is critical to alignment, fit, opening and control. Nothing ads quality to your products like a door hinge that closes just right or an American made caster that rools smoothly without a catch or a leaving a mark.

We can integrate the hinge or caster mechanism into your product, enhancing quality with controlled precision. We’re experts in controlling movement — let us help you find the control you need.

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Reducing Costs by 15%

ER Wagner presented Masonite with a gauge change to the raw material on a security plate. By standardizing the gauge, finish coating and geometric features, the parts were standardized and usable by all plants, resulting in a reduction of costs by 15% and an increase in perceived value.
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